Touched by Love

Touched by Love - 24x20 acrylic mixed-media - sold

It thrills the heart of this artist to hear that one of my paintings has touched someone's life and that after years of owning it, the painting still speaks to them. I recently reconnected with the owner of Touched by Love and it was such a treat to hear how she is doing. To me the joy of creating is to be able to share the gift. It's the pleasure a collector derives from a piece of artwork that makes painting it all worthwhile. A special thank you to Leslie A. for sharing with me how Touched by Love gave you hope through some trying times. Mission accomplished!

About Touched by Love... The purpose of refining a fine metal such as gold in fire is not to change its original composition but to purify it; through the harsh flames will emerge a material infinitely more precious. I have seen this process accomplished and it is often with great care, even love, on behalf of the craftsman to create the most beautifully pure finished object. In that way, this painting, which is predominately a fiery gold, represents the love and care of a Master Craftsman over his work.

The painting consists of a blend of red, orange and gold with hints of blue over a greenish brown background intermingled with bits of texture.

Sold to a private collector.