Diptych consisting of two 24 x 8 x 1.5 in. canvas panels.

When we choose forgiveness and unconditional love instead of offense and hurt, the chains of rejection begin to break and fall away and restoration begins. We can't change the lies someone may choose to believe, but we can be quick to forgive and extend love regardless of how they may treat us. 

This diptych was inspired by the experience of a broken relationship and the rejection I felt from someone I loved. I wanted in someway to express the emotion of the journey on canvas so I started by applying textures and paint, then I took time to listen, waiting to see where it would lead. As the painting progressed over four years, it went through several transformations, and so did I. Through the process and experience, I learned without a doubt that forgiveness and unconditional love are powerful tools that promote healing and open the door to restoration.  

Restoration's blues and greens represent the new life and peace we experience as we embrace forgiveness. While the chain at the top stands for the hurts and rejection that break apart and fall away, the smaller metallic chain remains connected and is symbolic of the love and forgiveness which brings healing and restoration.

Restoration - Room view.

Artist signature (sjh) is on bottom right edge of each canvas. The painting is sealed with a satin archival UV protective finish and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. Wired and ready to hang. It may hang together, separated in 1, 2 order or in reverse order.



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Detail photo of upper right panel.

Detail photo of middle left panel.

Detail photo of signature on side of canvas.

Restoration shown in a kitchen.

Shown hanging over a cabinet.

Restoration - Side by side view on easel in 1, 2 order.

Restoration - Separated by space on easel in 1, 2 order.

Restoration - Separated by space on easel in reverse order.