Oh, How Blind

Oh, how blind we can be
If only we could see
Perhaps our hearts would open wide
Releasing hate; allowing love inside

© 2017 Susan J. Harris

A Country Night


As stars glisten against a black velvet sky,
A gentle breeze plays a wind chime melody,
Setting into motion a night of entertainment. 

Cicadas sing in the old oak trees,
A Coyote howls on a nearby hill,
While bullfrogs contribute a nocturnal serenade. 

Sounds of creation fill the cool night air,
A song that only nature can sing,
An orchestra of music on a country night.  

Suddenly – the breeze stills,   
A blanket of silence covers the night,
Calmness so quiet you can hear an ant crawl.   

It’s intermission!

© 2016 Susan J. Harris

A New Day


The coral glow of morning spreads across the horizon
casting its reflection on the frozen pond.
A lone coyote races across the open field disappearing into a stand of trees
where it spends the day undetected by human eye.

The blanket of silence is broken by the awakening of nature.
Crusty, ice covered snow crunches beneath the feet of passing deer.
Geese honk, calling to one another as they fly by overhead
while tiny snowbirds flit along the ground searching for their morning meal.

The sun breaks the horizon.
Its brilliance illuminates the neighboring hillside
casting distinct shadows in an abstract pattern.

Beauty! Pure beauty . . . abounds on every side.
A new day has arrived
Bringing with it fresh hope and new expectations.

Journey's Dream - 22" x 28" Acrylic Mixed Media on Canvas

*The poem, A NEW DAY, was published in:  LOVE, LIFE AND PEACE - POETRY, PICTURES and MUSINGS by Thomas and Arrington, pg. 28, 2012. The painting, JOURNEY'S DREAM was also published along with the poem, 

On the River


The River flows
Over rocks
Past fallen trees
Sweeping the riverbank

Swirling eddies
Creating pools
Moving on

Where does it come from?
Where does it go?

Hear it calling
Away from the turmoil
Offering refreshment
Promising tranquility

Oh! To be on the river
Peaceful and calm
Drifting free



As moonlight seeps through Autumn trees
And leaves rustle in the cool night breeze
I think and ponder what needs to change
What part of me should I rearrange

Humbly yielding, I release my dreams
Letting go not as easy as it seems
What was, what is and is to come
The answer's known to only One.

What I thought no longer exists
It's only by faith I take this risk
Trust is where my heart wants to be
Otherwise I am hopelessly me