Troika - 36" x 24" Triptych, Acrylic Mixed-Media - Sold

This original abstract painting consists of three’s – 3 canvases, 3 circles, etc. The name Troika (pronounced troi-kuh) means “group of three acting in unity.” It is inspired by and representative of Love, Word and Truth acting together in unity giving us never ending hope. 

I began with a single 36” x 24” canvas and applied layers of crinkled tissue paper for texture. Then I applied numerous layers of paint using thick and thin coats and glazes to create a leather effect. (Note: The leather look of the base canvas does not show up very well in the photo so the painting really has to be seen in person to experience it.)

Next I applied a tissue paper background to two 16” x 20” canvases so all canvases would have similar base textures. The circle and line relief texture on the two smaller canvases was created by using twisted tissue paper adhered with acrylic gel. Acrylic color was painted, washed and glazed in varying layers to achieve the final effect. Metallic gold scumbled over the circles and lines accentuate the relief texture and add highlights. Finally, the two smaller canvases were securely attached to the larger base canvas to complete the triptych. 

Troika sold in 2010 to a private collector in Greensboro, NC.

2010 Heart of Living Spring Art Show

2010 For Everything A Season Exhibit