Morning Joy

Morning Joy - 11 x 14 in. Acrylic Mixed Media on Cardboard - Shown in Frame

Morning Joy was part of an art therapy project. After dealing with several losses and months of sadness, I was searching for some joy. Since creating art is therapeutic, I felt it was time to paint. While I was working on the larger painting, Hidden Joy, I used left over paste and paint I was working with to create this small piece. As it evolved, I liked what was taking place.

Morning Joy evolved as I used up left over modeling paste, paint and coarse metallic acrylic from a larger painting I am currently working on. Since I don't like to be wasteful, I keep small pieces of cardboard, canvas panels and small canvases close by on my work table. Whenever I have leftover texturizing materials, paint, etc., I apply the leftovers to one or more of the small painting surfaces I have on hand. I am always amazed at some of the pieces that evolve and become paintings in their own right. Morning Joy is one of those paintings.

It consists of my favorite blues and greens and has two very abstract  textured doves hidden beneath coarse gold metallic that was applied with a paint knife. Comes framed with a white mat in an 11x14 frosted gold 3/8 in. metal frame. It is signed on the front with artist signature (sjh), sealed with a satin archival UV protective varnish and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Examples below are images showing it in various settings with different lighting and a closeup of the texture. The reflectiveness of the gold is more predominant when the painting reflects the light from a window.

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