Desert Sunset

Desert Sunset is an original abstract in aqua, rust and brown. The backdrop of a clear aqua sky shows off the rust and brown patches which seem to be melting in the summer heat.

It is one of my earlier paintings before I began experimenting with textural applications. 

This original abstract has an cool aqua background. The patches of rust and raw umber were brushed on with water to create the drip effect. Symbolic of a clear aqua sky where the orange-rust color of the sun and brown patch of earth seem to be melting away in the summer heat. 

It is sealed with a satin UV protective finish coat. Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. Wired and ready to hang.


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Desert Sunset
Acrylic on Stretched Gallery Canvas
36 x 12 in.

Shown hanging in a sitting area with chairs and pillows selected to match the colors of the painting.