Out of Darkness

A journey through grief. In the midst of darkness, there is a path of Light, a promise of hope. Therein lies the choice of the journey--to remain in the dark or move toward the Light. I prefer to move toward the Light; to experience healing in the hope of eternal life, which God, who never lies, promised before the beginning of time. This painting is my interpretation of that process and was inspired by my personal journey through a season of grief.

Out of Darkness was created by first applying thin layers of modeling paste and multiple layers of paint in thick and thin coats to achieve the lightly textured gray background. Each layer represents a stage of grief that was being processed. As I worked through it, colors changed until I reached the desired shade of gray. The heavily raised texture was created by using a unique mixture of ash and gel. Coarse gold metallic gel was applied to portray the path of light. Copper metallic gel was used to create the copper block and the circle which represent promises of eternal hope.  

14" x 11" x 7/8" each. Shown in Room Setting as a pair

Each painting wraps the edges of its 7/8" deep canvas, is signed by the artist (sjh) and sealed with a satin archival UV protective varnish. It comes with a C.O.A., wired and ready to hang. It may hang vertical or horizontal. Sold individually or as a set. 

Hanging options . . . 

Shown vertical in 1 - 2 order as a pair

Shown vertical in reverse, 2 - 1 order as a pair

Shown hanging sideways one above the other for a different installation.