River of Hope


Acrylic/Mixed Media
Stretched Canvas
24 x 30 in.

This abstract is intended to be symbolic of the hope we can have in life if we choose to pursuit it. Amid the turmoil of life, with its unanswered questions, doubts and fears, runs a River of Hope. This river flows continually inviting us to come, sit and drink in the refreshment of hope, trust and encouragement it freely has to offer.

River of Hope was constructed by applying thick layers of acrylic paste with a paint knife. Once dry, layer upon layer of paint in shades of blue, green and yellow were applied. Additional paste mixed with brown pigment was then applied using a spatula to create the petal/small leaf designs and natural oak leaves were embedded in acrylic gel to add interest, giving the appearance of leaves floating on a river. Scumbled shades of white, raw umber and gold metallic provided the finishing touch.

Sold to a Buyer in Massachusetts