From East to West

A few weeks ago I had a request from a collector in California for a commissioned painting similar to River of Hope only larger. The original River of Hope is 24x30 and the commissioned one is 40x50. 

Painting larger means more planning, more product and more time. It was a challenge to see if I could recreate 20+ layers and come up with something similar in color and texture but I enjoyed the process. I felt like it went very well.  

TOP: RIVER OF HOPE 2  --  BOTTOM: RIVER OF HOPE original abstract

I finished the commissioned painting (River of Hope 2) over the weekend.  It is currently in the curing stage—must cure before it can be packed and shipped.

Talk about perfect timing. Yesterday the River of Hope original abstract sold to a client in Massachusetts.  Now there will be a River of Hope on the East Coast and River of Hope 2 on the West Coast. 

Hmmm… Perhaps there’s a message in this….