It's Time


I see the sun rising
I hear the sound of the wind
A new day is dawning
I'm drawing closer to Him

Without His love
There is nothing at all
Except hope and a promise
To again hear His call

He hears the cry of my heart
And says, “Do not fear,
I give you eyes to see
And ears to hear"

He takes my nothingness
In His loving hands
He assures me He's close
Enabling me to stand

In the stillness of silence
His presence is there
His still, small voice
As soft as the air

He is tender and gentle
Like a cool spring day
He beckons for me
To come and play

Let’s laugh and let's sing
Forsaking the tears
Let’s twirl and dance  
Releasing all fears

It’s time to move on
And embrace what’s at hand
It’s time to let go
And rejoice in the land

 © 2007 Susan J. Harris