Stop the Hate

Stop the Hate

Social media has the potential to reach hundreds, even thousands of deranged, angry minds.
We never know what one post might trigger in another individual. It could stir up so much anger and resentment that it pushes another individual to harm or murder someone like walking into a school or establishment and shooting anyone in sight. We fail to realize how much power our words or posts may carry.

Yes, we have the freedom to express our opinion, 
But we also have a responsibility to be aware of the result that opinion may cause.
So, let's consider . . . 

Why feed anger?
Anger kills.
Why spread slander?
It destroys.
Why speak hate?
Hate divides.

Hate and anger
Divide and destroy,
But . . . Love and kindness
Heals and restores.

Our heart is our garden.
We should guard it with all diligence.
The seeds we plant in our garden of life will grow.
They will produce fruit and we WILL reap what we plant.
What we post or share on social media
Reveals what is in our heart.
It exposes who we are.
It plants seeds . . . always!
Seeds that grow and produce fruit, good or bad.

Be careful of the seeds you plant.
You may not like reaping the fruit they produce.
Plant seeds of love and kindness
Not seeds of hate and anger.

Stop and think before sharing a post! Ask yourself . . . 
Does this post create a climate of hate?
Would I want someone to say THIS about ME? 
Would I want friends, family, or the world to BELIEVE THIS about ME? 
Do I REALLY want to plant THIS seed and reap the fruit of it? 

Then don't post it. 
Don't post things that promote hate
Or stir up anger.

Plant seeds of love.
Plant seeds of kindness.

Stop the hate.


© June 2017 Susan J. Harris