Sprinkles of Joy - My 3 entries

Sprinkles of Joy - My 3 entries

I am thrilled to announce that all 1500+ works of art created for the INCOGNITO art initiative sold out and the exhibit closed on April 23rd. Each contributing artist was asked to create 3 postcard-size paintings for the exhibit. My 3 entries were titled Sprinkles of Joy

It was an honor and pleasure to participate and work with INCOGNITO as a contributing artist.


INCOGNITO: A public arts initiative in aid of the Jack & Jill Children's Foundation.

April 2017 - Solomon Gallery, Dublin, Ireland

1500 postcard-size works of art will be exhibited at the Solomon Gallery in Dublin in April 2017 (following a public viewing online). Every single euro from the sale of these works will go to The Jack & Jill Children’s Foundation to help sick children – not to the administration of the charity, but directly to nursing-care of children with brain damage in every county across Ireland.

It is hoped that this visual arts initiative will raise €75,000 for Jack & Jill, which will be used to fund home nursing-care for children with severe development delay as a result of brain damage, children who may never paint a picture themselves, but precious children who do better at home, where they are well cared for by their parents with critical support from Jack & Jill nurses.