Commissioned painting titled "Journey" shipped to it's forever home the middle of September, 2017. I must say it was a privilege and joy to create this painting for a very special couple in Pennsylvania to commemorate their 15th wedding anniversary. As I contemplated what I should paint, the words "oceans to cross, mountains to climb" kept running through my mind. I can't say I completely understand the full meaning of that message but I hope it speaks to their hearts. As I painted, I sensed they are being drawn into a new place of freedom and that their life together is and will be a journey with purpose.

Life is a dance. Dance it to the fullest.
Relax and enjoy the journey wherever it leads.
As destiny unfolds,
There will be oceans to cross and mountains to climb.

JOURNEY - 30x40 - Acrylic Mixed Media on Canvas

Journey consists of shades of blue, aqua, turquoise, green and purple with patches of copper and white. Magenta/wine and orange highlights were embedded in the texture to add depth. Metallic gold was scumbled on top for additional highlights.

Journey is full of symbolism including two intertwined hearts, their wedding date and the number 15 to represent the number of years their lives have been joined…so far. There are also two interlocking wedding rings and 3 small circles scattered across the sky totaling 5 circles. The circles represent commitment and promise and the number 5 stands for grace. Mountain peaks and ocean waves were also incorporated in the texture to symbolize the message, "oceans to cross, mountains to climb".

Detail of the number 15 and interlocking wedding rings

Detail of mountains and interlocking hearts

Detail of wedding date and ocean waves