The Wind

I believe we are in a season of letting go.
Letting go of the old, so the new can come.
Letting go of expectations, so God can give us new ones.
Letting go of all that would hinder our moving forward in Him.
Letting go of everything that would tie us down, hold us back, or keep us bound to earthy things.

This year the wind has consistently blown stronger and more powerful than I can remember.
I like to believe it’s a manifestation of what is going on in the spirit realm.
The wind of His glory is blowing. It's symbolic of pruning; blowing out the old and making room for the new. 
It’s a demonstration of God’s power and control.

Lord, let Your wind blow!
Blow out sickness, disease and evil.
Blow in Your healing, restoration and redemption.
Blow in Your Word, Your grace, Your joy and Your love.
Let Your wind blow!