9" x 12" canvas panel - framed

Conundrum began as an experiment and was a mystery as to where it was taking me; hence the name. As layer upon layer was applied, I began to feel the depth of expression in it. The centered square adds dimension to the puzzle: representative of a hole in time…or perhaps a door leading to an unknown adventure.  

Conundrum is a small, 9x12 abstract on a canvas panel. The background consists of textured hints of blues and greens with a black square in the center offering a focal point. Metallic gold scumbled over all adds highlights. It is sealed with an archival UV protective varnish and finished off with a simple black 5/8” frame. Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, wired and ready to hang.

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Shown hanging over a bakers rack.

Shown propped up on a small chest.