Shades of Sapphire

16" x 26" x 7/8" Acrylic Mixed Media

Shades of Sapphire was inspired by a study of the sapphire gem revealing all the depth and beauty of the colors God created it to be. Natural sapphire is not just blue; it comes in an array of colors.

The colors of the sapphire gemstone are represented by the shades of blue and green applied to the underlying acrylic medium texture. Hints of copper are mixed in to add interest and a coarse metallic copper has been scumbled over the texture to accentuate the layers. Natural or direct lighting is required to enhance the copper metallic and highlights.

Painting wraps edges of this .75” wrapped canvas and it is sealed with a satin archival UV protective varnish. Wired and ready to hang either horizontally or vertically. No frame needed.