Sands of Time

As I started applying the layers of texture and paint to this painting, memories of growing up and spending time on the coast of North Carolina flooded my thoughts. My family owned property on Oak Island the majority of my life and most of my days there were spent on the beach. As I reminisced of days gone by, a poem expressing my feelings of being at the beach began to emerge, leading me to the title Sands of Time.  

Sands of Time - 48x48 overall - Acrylic Mixed Media


Strolling barefoot on the beach
Warm sand beneath my feet
Ocean spray against my face
Footprints in the sand, my only trace

Waves crashing on the sandy shore
Leaving me waiting
Listening for more

On the beach is where I thrive
All my senses intensely alive
Recording images in my mind
Memories that mark the sands of time


~ ~ ~

I started painting Sands of Time in 2010. The painting took 2 years of applying texture and paint, waiting, listening, and studying it to determine where to go with each layer. It reached a stopping point in 2012 where it camped for a couple of years; but inside, I knew it wasn't finished so I waited. In 2014, I knew it was time to revisit the painting and see where it would lead next. I am an intuitive painter. Intuition takes over as I begin to apply texture and paint. My creative painting process is a journey where I seek to express my inner feelings and emotions. Working in layers, with drying time in between, I let each layer take me on a journey as I become the painting and the painting becomes me. Sands of Time is a perfect example of that process. 

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Shown hanging together in a living room setting.

Shown hanging together in a bedroom setting.

This abstract is a diptych on two 48 x 24 x 1.5 inch gallery wrap canvases. It has 20+ layers of relief texture consisting of tissue paper adhered with acrylic gel, modeling paste applied with a paint knife, layers of paint and blocks of coarse copper metallic pigment. Paint and texture wrap the edges of the canvases. Natural or direct lighting enhances the reflective copper blocks and copper highlights. It comes with Certificate of Authenticity, artist signature (sjh) is on the front of each panel and it is wired and ready to hang. The two panels may be hung together, spaced apart, in reverse order or on separate walls. 

Closeup photos of textural detail:  Click on images to enlarge

Upper left corner texture detail.

Center section texture detail.

Shows how texture and painting wraps the edges of the canvas.

Another example showing how texture and painting wraps the edges of the canvas