Francis Kendall

Thought I would take a moment to honor and share some heartfelt appreciation for the late artist, FrancIs Kendall, who lived in Whiteville, NC. Art was a big part of her life and she loved creating, teaching and sharing her enthusiasm and love for it with others. She was a kind, patient lady and an excellent teacher. She loved her family, loved working with all types and media of art, gardening and being out in nature.

Francis was a very special person and she had a major impact on my life. She was my first art teacher and mentor and was instrumental in my passion and pursuit of art. She instilled in me a sense of adventure when it comes to creating. I can still hear her telling me, "If it doesn't turn out right, just try again." She emphasized that when creating art, one should be willing to fearlessly try new ideas, techniques, combinations and media because you never know what you might discover. That has proved so true in my pursuit of acrylic mixed media abstraction.

Francis Kendall, I thank you for encouraging me on this path of creativity. I thank you for instilling a passion for art in me. It has taken me on interesting journeys and brought me to where I am today as an artist. I only wish it were possible to thank you in person but I have a feeling you already know the impact you had on my life and how much I love, appreciate and respect you. 

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