Equilibrium was inspired by the ever present challenge to maintain a balance of joy and peace in the midst of life’s stressful situations and is intended to serve as a reminder of this much needed balance.

Equilibrium was one of the artworks I created to hang in the solo exhibit at the Center Point Model Penthouse Art Showcase presented by Heart of Living Home Gallery 2009-2010. 

I applied acrylic medium with a paint knife using a different technique on each side. One side is black with scumbled white and the other is mottled gray with scumbled black layered over medium relief textures divided by a line of metallic copper. Painting wraps edges of gallery wrap canvas and is sealed with a satin archival UV protective varnish. It is signed by the artist (sjh) and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. Does not require a frame. 

Vertical or Horizontal?

Sometimes rotating an abstract can make it look entirely different or give it a different feel. Several of mine offer the option of hanging horizontally or vertically. Equilibrium is one of those abstracts. Whenever viewing an abstract artwork, keep in mind there may be other hanging options making it more suitable for the hanging space.

Horizontal View - EQUILIBRIUM, 30 x 40

Shown hanging horizontal in a bedroom.

Shown hanging horizontal in a kitchen.

 Vertical View - EQUILIBRIUM, 40 x 30

Shown hanging vertical in a kitchen.

Shown hanging vertically beside a chair.