Waiting for paint to dry

Three paintings in progress and waiting for paint to dry. Contemplating what each will be named and where they will take me next. Sometimes the name comes first, then the painting….but mostly the painting and then the name. Often I have to see the final product before I fully understand the buried thoughts and emotions that were being expressed during in the process.  Awwww….the joy of creating a new piece. 

It’s always amazing experiencing the twists and turns the journey of an individual painting can take. I love the process…even though sometimes it can be a little trying when the next phase takes days or weeks to become clear. I try one color or technique and it just doesn’t seem to fit…so I backtrack and paint over or add to…then suddenly the pieces of the puzzle start falling into place…that’s when the fun really begins.  One canvas has already reached the fun stage and is taking shape….the other two??? Well, they are still in the experimental stage.