After the storm

The outer bands of tropical storm Ida raged through mid week bringing cloudy days and dumping buckets of rain….. But after the storm, the beauty of November at Hilton Head returned. 

Saturday brought a glorious 75 degree day spent on the beach with the warm sand beneath my feet as I listened to the calming sound of waves crashing on the shore and the songs of gulls drifting on the wind. The rays of sun dancing like diamonds on the ocean surface brought back memories of childhood summer days at Oak Island while the laughter of children jumping waves drifted across the sandy beach bringing a smile to the faces of on-lookers. Numerous beloved pets romped in the sand and waves enjoying the freedom of the sunny day, delightfully welcoming the attention of passers-by. Everyone was enjoying being outside after the storm. 

John and I rode bikes for awhile along the beach as a refreshing breeze gently kissed our backs. Trying to get a week’s worth of beach time and bike riding into one day drove us to the hot tub to soak our tired feet and legs before retiring for the evening. But it was worth it….It was a good way to end our week at Hilton Head before returning home.