Open Doors

I believe there is a purpose and plan for my life and if I listen carefully and move forward with what I hear, one day that purpose and plan will be fulfilled. I have never been one to try and push doors open but when an opportunity to walk through a door is presented and I have peace about it, I will certainly walk through. May 2012 brought two such doors. 

Door #1—I was offered the opportunity to oversee, or I guess you could say “curate”, the Gallery of Art at the Chamber in Greensboro. At first I was a bit hesitant because I have never curated a gallery before, but I reminded myself that it was a door of opportunity. I would never know what was on the other side or where it would lead if I didn’t go through it. After the first few weeks, I am really excited about it. I have met some wonderful artists and set some goals to work toward. It will be exciting to see where it leads.

Door #2— invited me to be a juror for an online contest. The first jury process begins on June 2nd. I am looking forward to this adventure as well!