Finally! Back in the studio!

I have missed being in the studio for the past few months  My how time flies. 2012 turned out to be an interesting year including many facets which I will not venture to cover all.  The year started off with website difficulties rendering it impossible to update, the passing of my beloved nephew, my attention being needed elsewhere, to name a few of the challenges which resulted in  a lack of creative juices. However, 2012 ended on a much brighter and happier note with a wonderful new addition to our family. Our son married a delightful, beautiful young lady in December whom we dearly love.  We are so happy for them both. Welcome Mrs. Katherine Harris!

Trying to juggle everything, catch up with all the website information, prepare for art exhibits, and attempt to keep up with the social media aspect of art zapped my creativity. I discovered that I really don’t like it when I want to paint but can't because there is nothing inside to draw from. So, I took a step back, came to terms with it and decided to be at peace. I chose to peacefully wait until the motivation returned. This week has been a turning point. The past several days I have intentionally been doing what I could to get those creative juices flowing again and today I finally made it back into the studio. It was wonderful to pull out a canvas and begin creating once again. Now I just need to try to rebuild my momentum and continue the creative process. Once I get that restored, perhaps I will be able to better manage the social media aspect of promoting art. Will take it a day at a time and see how it goes.