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~ Testimonials ~

(commissioned artwork, 48x48)

"Thank you Susan! 
The painting looks amazing!"

Keagan Pope
CJMW Architecture
Winston-Salem, NC

“Shades of Sapphire 2”
- commissioned by CJMW Architecture and created specifically for the main entrance of the Blue Rhino Corporate Office in Winston-Salem, North Carolina



VINEYARD'S SONG (60x48), QUIETUDE (48x48), THIRTY-EIGHT BELOW (30x40), ANTICIPATION (36x24), and AQUILINE 1 and AQUILINE 2 (24x24 each).

"Thank you!
I love the way the house looks with your paintings. Just perfect!
You know I've been dreaming of your artwork for a long time."

Carla Q. , Archdale, NC

VINEYARD'S SONG - 60 x 48 - Guest Room

VINEYARD'S SONG - 60 x 48 - Guest Room

QUIETUDE - 48 x 48 - Dining Room

THIRTY-EIGHT BELOW - 30 x 40 - Master Bedroom

AQUILINE 1 and AQUILINE 2 - 24 x 24 each - Great Room

ANTICIPATION - 36 x 24 - Great Room

(commissioned artwork, 60x48) 

"Dearest Susan --
I am so excited to have your exquisite art grace my bedroom." 

Sheila S., Los Angeles, CA

(Commissioned artwork, 30x40)
Click Here for Description of Painting

It's gorgeous, Susan. Striking, impactful, and beautiful. Your use of texture and depth are singular and manifest in both the physical depth and the layers/interaction of color. It allows the viewer to see new elements of the piece with every viewing. I think this unending variation is something unique to your work, and I really appreciate it.

I enjoy how we can see just enough of your "hand" in the work, yet there is no sense of distraction that can happen when, for instance, brush strokes are too prominent.

JOURNEY - 30 x 40

I also enjoy the way you use different tools and methods to both separate the portions of the piece and to unify the portions as well. Fascinating stuff. Intriguing. Almost beguiling in a wonderful way.

Thank you for creating something so personally invested, something with so much intention and love for us. I feel valued, cared for, and thought-of when I see the piece. I also hear it declaring life, newness, nature, spring time, and hope over us and our marriage. It is wonderful.

Thank you.
Joseph C., Mechanicsburg, PA


JOURNEY - 30 x 40

We opened the painting just a little while ago, and have just hung it up in our bedroom. I knew this would be the place for it before I even saw it. Then, when we saw the brightness & freshness of it we knew it would fit. It feels like it's declaring "a new season is coming" to us every time we look at it. We totally receive the new freedom that it, and you, are speaking into us. I love that it's called Journey. I love the "oceans to cross, mountains to climb", and I love that it celebrates the past 15 years while looking ahead into the future.

AND I LOVE that every morning when I wake up it will be the first thing I see, reminding me of the meanings in every color.

It is bright and alive, and that is how I want to be. So, it's like it's taking us somewhere.  I think it will continue to speak to us for years, honestly.

Thank you for creating this for us! It means so much to have a piece of your art, and your heart, in our home.
Jessica C.,
Mechanicsburg, PA

Journey Description

36x24 Acrylic Mixed Media on Canvas)

Dear Susan,
“Oh My Goodness. It is spectacular! The pic on your website did not do it justice and I loved it there. Susan, I can’t tell you how much it means to me to have a little bit of you in my home.
Thank you so much!”  
Shelby J.
West Palm Beach, FL

(commissioned artwork, 40x50)

"I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the painting. It has been a pleasure working with you and exchanging emails, I really enjoyed the process. We have not hung the picture yet, still enjoy looking at it in front of the fire place; we will put it up this weekend and will email you the picture once it is up. Thank you again for your wonderful work on the 'River of Hope 2' painting."
Serei C.
Yorba Linda, CA



"Dear Susan, I'm so thankful I saw your painting in the coffee shop! Your words spoke to me so much. The idea of "love" caring so much. . . so much to refine. I had to have your beautifully, spiritually feeling painting. It is such a special part of my home and story especially because my life has so been touched with love. And, the pain turned to gold." 
Leslie A., Granville, Ohio



I am so blessed by the painting. I can't even begin to explain how much it means to me. I am going to pray that it will speak to others as it speaks to me so God can use it for His glory and honor. Thank you so much!"
Alexis S., Welshpool, Wales, UK


"I love walking into the house and seeing the painting. I love looking at the painting before I go to bed at night. I love coming down in the morning and seeing the painting. Every time I look at the painting it takes my breath away. 
I love the painting!" 
Stephanie T.
Greensboro, NC

(Custom artwork, 8x8)

Dear Susan,
It arrived today!! It’s even more beautiful in person. I just love the inscription on the back. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! means a lot to us.
We just added your piece to our salon-style entrance/ foyer wall -all of our pieces speak volumes to us and now, thanks to you, we have another Susan J. Harris added to our beautiful and magical art collection.
We love it -thanks again for such a thoughtful and moving piece.
Louise & Jeff
New Rochelle, NY

2004-R - located in the center of photo