Three paintings in progress and waiting for paint to dry.  Contemplating what each will be named and where they will take me next.  Sometimes the name comes first, then the painting….but mostly the painting and then the name.  Often I have to see the final product before I fully understand the buried thoughts and emotions that were being expressed during in the process.  Awwww….the joy of creating a new piece. 

It’s always amazing experiencing the twists and turns the journey of an individual painting can take.  I love the process…even though sometimes it can be a little trying when the next phase takes days or weeks to become clear.  I try one color or technique and it just doesn’t seem to fit…so I backtrack and paint over or add to…then suddenly the pieces of the puzzle start falling into place…that’s when the fun really begins.  One canvas has already reached the fun stage and is taking shape….the other two????  They are still in the experimental stage…. 

Delivered paintings this morning to Center Pointe at 201 N. Elm Street, Greensboro, for my first solo exhibit.  I don’t take this opportunity lightly considering that in 2006 and part of 2007 I wasn’t sure if I would live through the year.  But God has been merciful and good to me… He has healed and strengthened my body and enabled me to continue to paint.  I am daily aware that He is my strength and gives me the vision and direction for the paintings I create.  I may never regain the energy I once took for granted, but I am at rest with where I am today.  Then again, all my energy may return one day…. my hope is that if it does, I won’t fall back into old habits of trying to live life by my own power.  It’s better this way…leaning on the One that is my strength, support and comfort.

Well, I’ve got two new paintings started.  They are in varied stages of having texture and color applied.  It’s fun to start new ones…I had a couple of ideas in my mind on where I wanted to go with them when I started two days ago and already they are taking me on a different journey.  To me, this is the thrill of the creative process.  It will be interesting to see what is next. Today, I added more texture.  Wonder what tomorrow will bring once this layer of texture is dry?..... 

Please understand that I am not bragging…I am so sincerely humbled and thrilled at being selected by Kennedy Publishing to have two of my paintings juried in to be published in their new book, “Best of Worldwide Mixed Media Artists, Vol. l”.  The book is supposed to be available for purchase in April.  I received an email from them this week saying the proofs are on the way and I should receive them sometime next week.  Once approved, then it will be the waiting period until the book is actually published and available for purchase.  For anyone interested…stay tuned and check back often…as soon as I have detailed information that it is available and where/how the book can be purchased, I will post it here. 

Got some much needed sleep last night…not as much as I’d like but enough to keep me going for another day.  Yesterday (Thursday morning) I delivered eight paintings (including the two new ones) as planned and everything was approved and accepted.  As of 3 PM they were happily enjoying the view from the 16th floor penthouse condo at Center Pointe on Elm overlooking the city of Greensboro with a view of the Allegheny mountain range in the distance.  Wish I could have stayed with them….the view was gorgeous!  They will remain there until January…unless of course they sell before then and that would be wonderful. 

A huge thank you to Jim Wolfe of Wolfe Homes and the designer as well as Meg Sternberg of Heart of Living Home Gallery, all of whom made this possible.  The stamina and vision came as needed to complete this project.  It was definitely a stretch for me but God supplied as He is so faithful to do.

My walls at home and in the studio are stripped bare….guess I need to start painting again but maybe I’ll take a break until after Christmas….unless I really get the urge to address all the creative thoughts rushing through my brain.  ......  Another heartfelt thank you to all involved!

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