The title Crossroads evolved after trying many different color combinations and techniques only to arrive at a point of frustration because nothing seemed to be working. I reached a crossroad where I had to decide whether to continue or throw the canvas in the trash. I chose to continue and give it one more chance. . . and I'm glad I did!  

The relief texture of Crossroads was created with modeling paste and burlap. It is highlighted with coarse metallic gold that blends well with the overall crisp brown of the painting. Painting wraps the edges of the 11" x 14" x .75” wrapped canvas and is sealed with satin archival UV protected varnish. It comes with a C.O.A., wired and ready to hang. Does not require a frame.

Shown on a table easel sitting beside a fireplace.

Showing how the painting wraps the edge of the canvas.

Crossroads shown in a room.

Crossroads - 14 x 11 Acrylic Mixed Media on Canvas