Thanks to Carol W. and the Cancer Center at Wake Forest Baptist

On October 19th, Carol W., the designer responsible for acquiring artwork for the newly renovated Wake Forest Baptist Health Cancer Center in Winston-Salem, NC, contacted me. After reviewing my artwork, she commissioned me to do a 40” x 50” painting similar to Peaceful Waters.  I spent the next two weeks in the studio diligently painting in order to meet the before Thanksgiving delivery deadline. The painting went amazingly well and I give thanks that the weather cooperated enabling the paint and texturizing materials to dry quickly enabling me to stay on schedule—when applying 23 plus layers, it is crucial that each layer dry correctly to achieve the proper result. 


The painting was finished on the 19th, allowing time to apply the sealant on the 20th.  The sealant normally needs to cure for 2-3 weeks before a painting can be wrapped and shipped but since this one was to be hand delivered, the shorter two day drying time was sufficient.  It was a beautiful, sunny Friday on November 22nd when I delivered the finished painting to Village Smith Galleries at Reynolda Village in Winston-Salem to be framed in a floater frame prior to hanging at the Cancer Center. 

I have never had one of my paintings framed in a floater frame so I am looking forward to seeing it after it is installed.  I will try to get a picture and post that later.

Thank you, Carol for giving me the opportunity to paint Peaceful Waters 2 for the WFBH Comprehensive Cancer Center.  I am honored and thrilled that my artwork was chosen and it is my deepest desire that Peaceful Waters 2 will speak to the hurting hearts of cancer patients and their loved ones.