Waiting for paint to dry

This is a first for me today…trying to finish two paintings in one day for the Penthouse at Center Point.  Whew!  The creativity seems to be flowing so far… if only the paint will dry fast enough. Hopefully I can somehow manage to get all the layers on that need to be applied. Only time will tell. Generally I have much time between layers to see where the painting is going to take me next, so this is a real challenge. I am thankful the texture was already applied to the canvases when the request came in or it would have surely been impossible. Not only do the layers of paint need to be applied, but once finished each one has to be sealed, photographed, named, hanging wires attached, title cards made, etc. I sure need some Divine strength and help today. The paintings need to be finished and submitted for acceptance by tonight.  If they are accepted, they will be hung tomorrow. It’s one of those days where I have to keep telling myself, “Nothing is impossible with God”.