While returning from a visit to an art gallery in a nearby town last week with an artist friend, we were pondering which way to turn in order to find our way back to the highway. As she reached for “Maggie”, her faithful GPS, I reflected on the days before GPS and cell phones. Growing up, I had some friends who would panic over the fear of getting lost. Fortunately, that was one fear I never struggled with because I believed it was impossible to get lost. As long as the car was moving and there were roads, I knew one would take me where I needed to go. I viewed a wrong turn as a detour which although it may take me out of the way and delay the arrival at my destination, it would get me there eventually. To me, a detour was more of an adventure that provided new scenery and experiences along the way.

Therefore, to me, a detour is nothing more than an opportunity to make new discoveries… to experience and see things you would have otherwise missed.

Although I don’t always succeed, I try to apply that philosophy to life as well. When I encounter unforeseen circumstances in life, I have the choice to view them as a "detours" or "derailments". I prefer "detour" along with the surprise, joy and lessons it can unexpectedly produce.