Technology and Art

Technology is moving faster than I am these days. I have been busy the past few days/weeks trying to get caught up with some of the art sites I am exhibiting on and I think I may be halfway through…or not! Everyone talks about how an artist needs to get their work out there on the internet and send out newsletters/updates once or twice a month. Well, as you can tell, I haven’t managed to meet all those suggestions. Sometimes it's difficult to fine the time to even write a blog post much less consistently send out a newsletter. One reason I haven't been sending out consistent newsletters is because I’m not as prolific as some artists, so I don’t have as many new paintings to introduce. My paintings generally take a while because of the layering process. Then I hit periods where the creative juices slow down and I get stuck on a painting so I have to let it sit for days, weeks, sometimes months while I study it. Studying it helps me discover where to go next.  So, my theory is…why send out a newsletter and fill up someone's mailbox if you don’t have new updates?

Regarding internet artist sites, some sites and links have just disappeared without notification, others are thriving, moving forward and adding features that I have yet to master or take advantage of and meanwhile the requests to join new ones keep piling in. I have to pick and choose and remind myself that exposure is good, but it does come with a price. . . time, precious time. The more sites, the more time it takes to update and maintain which equals less time in the studio painting. When you take website and page updates, studio time, and add in day to day life, there are days I wonder if I can juggle it all.  It requires balance and time management which in itself can be a challenge.

Blog written, now to move on to the next order of day. 

Do what you enjoy and enjoy what you do!